12 Sacred Self-Care Rituals to get through the holiday or any day…

Self-care is a priority. Period. These 12 sacred self-care rituals from the Goddess Provisions Sacred Self-Care Rituals Oracle deck are among some of my favorite for detoxing, recharging and taking some time everyday to make myself a priority.

We have the time to slow down when we make the time to slow down. Let go of the glorification of “busy”, put down your phone (it isn’t helping, unless you’re currently reading this post on it) and pick up something that is going to better help you take care of you

Speak words of kindness to yourself! Write down positive affirmations on small pieces of paper. Fold them up and put them in a pretty jar or dish to pluck one (or a few) from daily. With the holiday season upon us (whether you celebrate or not) it's easy to get our own energy in a funk dealing with others. To get started try positive affirmations like - I am...; I can... ; I am love; I feed my spirit; I am allowed... Pick one, take a deep breath and let it resonate with your energy. Hold on to that and revisit as often as needed or wanted.

You have plenty to be grateful for. Write it down. It sounds simple enough but to see all that your grateful for (big and small) is a great mood motivator and can help put your mind at ease when you have moments of doubt.

Time to yourself may not be easy to come by but it is essential to rest and recharge. Though tempting avoid using this time to make to-do lists and check your phone. Take a total break in the quietest place you can come across. If you must do something try light stretching or daydreaming (yes, I said daydreaming).

I created my first vision board a couple of years ago and it had quite the positive effect on my family. Spend some time creating a vision board that represents what you want to see [more of] in your life. The guide for this deck suggests even putting some of those images on your computer of phone screen background.

Grab your art supplies and get your creative energy flowing! There is no right or wrong way to create your art only the art of you creating.

Create a personal space (doesn’t need to be elaborate or even in its own room) that is sacred to you. Display items that are sacred to you. Change it up as often as you like. For example, my altar is in my bedroom and holds a salt lamp, a few candle holders, crystals, a burning bowl, a plant and any tarot or oracle cards that I am currently working with. I retreat to this space for meditation, reflection, journaling and sometimes just to daydream a bit.

This one of those immediate stress relievers that doesn’t require more than you and a chair or safe space to sit on the floor. While there are entire techniques revolved around this practice you can simply start off with sitting on a chair (or the floor), palms in your lap, and taking deep but slow intentional breaths while thinking “relax”. Try not to hold your breath while you’re doing this.

The right scents can boost mood and smooth over the energy in your space. One of the safest methods I’ve come across for getting my scent fix is using a diffuser and essential oils. Scents like lemongrass, lavender, orange and bergamot essential oils are all great options to start with.

All about pampering yourself. I hate to use the word “treat” as if you must be deserving so I say pamper. This could be anything from getting your hair done professionally to an at home spa day. I love at home spa days!

I absolutely love food. And I love it even more when I’m in the moment and not trying to be Houdini and accomplish a million other things in the process. Plan a healthy meal for yourself and set aside time to do just that.

If you’re new to meditating try looking up guided meditation. My very first guided meditation was through Headspace and though I don’t use it anymore it gave some useful insight on the basics. The most important thing is going to be finding a quiet and comfortable space. You may want to add instrumental music and some incense or open a window.

Grab your bath salts (pink salt will do if you have nothing fancier) or bath bombs and crystals for the ultimate relaxing experience. And please don’t think this only reserved for the end of the day. Take your bath any time of the day you can! I’ve done mine as early as shortly after sending my kids off to school in the morning.



The Sacred Self-Care Rituals Oracle deck is a 55 card deck created by Goddess Provisions featuring self-care activities to nurture the mind, body and soul. What are your go to self-care rituals? Join in the conversation on Instagram or Twitter #sacredselfcare

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